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Bangmetric is the one stop for everything that is required for your digital transformation. We enable your business to take off, grow, and sustain.  We strive to transform your business with our digital solutions.


Did you know?

Security breaches or cyberattacks are costing 200,000 US dollars on an average. It is causing many businesses to shut down.

According to Accenture, 43% of cyber-attacks aim at small businesses. And only 14% of them are ready to defend themselves!

82% of employees believe that poor information management is affecting their productivity.

Many companies fail to ensure that their IT investment makes their team’s tasks easier and helps for their business growth, this failure deprives them of receiving the expected ROI.

This is where we come in. We help you maintain the enhanced security and compliance, efficient and reliable IT operations, release your internal staff to focus on strategic projects, cost-effectiveness, and excellent investment return.

About Us

At Bangmetric, we desire to solve your organization’s problems rather than just implementing digital solutions. We focus on middle-level business enterprises to help them reach the expected business goals.

But how do we do it?

We make your business competitive with our excellent digital services and solutions. We help you save money over time and streamline your goals. That’s all?

No, we provide cost-effective and customized solutions as per your requirements. We help you in the automation of day-to-day operations and decrease human errors.

Want to know more? 

Our Specialization aims at your benefits

Looking for an information platform that best fits for your business?

We have an expert team which implements the platform, develops and provides you with the integration services.

Struggling to review your current technology and improvement opportunities?

Our amazing consultation, technical service and health check teams are there to help you.

Ever felt the loss of data due to lack of service and support?

We can rescue you from this situation with our excellent managed services combined with complete support for processes and integrations.

Do you want to upgrade your organization's e-learning programs?

We can help you with our comprehensive bespoke and off-the-shelf training, including the ITSM and application-specific contents.

This is just a preview of what we do.

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This is what we do for your business growth

We Offer Quick & Smart IT Services Solution

ITSM and related functions

Our ITSM functions include the set of policies, practises and procedures that help you manage the service delivery to your end-users. We use the ITIL best practises to design and implement the ITSM in your organization.

ITOM and related functions

In our service module of the ITIL framework, ITOM is one of the main functions. Our ITOM team is expertise in managing the capacity, performance and availability of your organization’s IT infrastructure mechanisms. 

ITBM and related functions

The main goal of our ITBM is to help your in-house IT demonstrate value to your organization. But how?  It is by rationalizing the investments to focus more on innovation.  Our ITBM also helps transform the delivery of new products and services through lean execution methodologies.

HRSD and related functions

Our HRSD is dedicated to digitizing and streamlining all your HR processes and activities within a single platform. It levels up your employees’ experience by optimizing the entire employee service lifecycle.

CSM and related functions

When your business has fast and easy access to customer information, you can better strategise and control your customers’ interactions. Our CRM teams provide these functions to help you improve customer loyalty by exceeding your customers’ expectations with excellent service. 

DevOps and related functions

Our DevOps functions promote collaboration and communication among various teams in your organization. OurDevOps team’s primary goal is to merge the daily tasks involved in the development, quality control, deployment, and integration in a single set of processes.

SecOps and related functions

We ensure your business meets the security goals more efficiently through our Security Operations. Your security concerns are taken care of by our SecOps functions which is the collaboration between security and IT operations.



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